Avaya IP Office 8.0 Enhances Mobile Collaboration

Avaya’s release of the IP Office 8.0 has people buzzing about some of its exciting features, primarily the mobile collaboration enhancements. Its new mobility application, known as One-X Mobile Preferred, is ideal for the mobile worker who is always on the move, allowing them to bring the office with them wherever they are:

  • Multiparty Conference Management: Just as if you were in the office, you can initiate a voice conference and launch it with a one-touch option. You can invite, view, mute and drop participants at any time during the call – all via mobile device.
  • Instant Messaging: You can simultaneously chat with multiple co-workers on your mobile device and keep track of your ongoing conversations.
  • Integrated Presence: Viewing your co-workers status has never been simpler. Presence integrates both the calendar and geo-presence when determining someone’s availability, therefore allowing you to see if they are in a meeting or in a different time zone. Users can also manually set their status if they do not want to be disturbed or are away from their desk.
  • Visual Voicemail: This allows users to view their voicemails with date and time information, allowing them to prioritize their messages. Users can also hear voicemails as they are being recorded, allowing the user to pick up the call mid-message message if they so choose.
  • Directory Access: Workers are able to search contacts to connect with their colleagues via instant message, call and more.

One-X Mobile Preferred is the perfect solution for a user who is constantly balancing their work from home, office and travel platforms. With this release, workers are able to extend their IP Office functions to Android devices; compatibility for Apple products will be released by Avaya later in the first quarter. To learn more about how Avaya’s IP Office 8.0 mobility features can enhance your business, please contact us today at www.bencomm.com.

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