Avaya Makes Small Business Communications Even Better

With more than 1.6 million installed around the world, Avaya IP Office has clearly established itself as an unmatched solution for small business communications. IP Office is successful because it brings together all the things that small businesses are looking for in a communications solution: top-notch features, reliable performance, easy manageability, and a robust ROI. With the release of the IP Office 8.0, there are even more features look forward to:

  • Comprehensive Control
    • Call handling: capable of muting callers
    • Federated presence with GoogleTalk contacts
    • Microsoft Exchange calendar mining
  • PC Integration
    • Embed communications with Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce.com
    • Click to call
    • Send messages to anyone in the corporate directory
    • Check both voicemail and email simultaneously
  • Efficient Call Control
    • Manage calls through Avaya one-X Portal
    • Features such as holding or transferring calls can be done from interface
  • Instant Messaging & Presence
    • Stay connected and responsive throughout the day
    • Collaborate with GoogleTalk contacts, both internal and external

These features will provide your company with numerous benefits that will keep your business running smoothly. Employees will be able to save time on navigating different applications on their desktops while prioritizing their work, allowing for enhanced efficiency and non-stop productivity. Additionally, there will be an improvement in customer service as the instant messaging, click to call, and presence features all assist in faster response times. Avaya IP Office will also deliver on enhanced cost effectiveness, with the ability to integrate the system into existing investments.

To learn more about how to improve your communications solution with the Avaya IP Office, please contact us at www.bencomm.com.

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