Using Communications to Counter Mother Nature

Mother Nature is bound to wreak havoc with just about everyone this winter. Snow, ice, rain and more tend to result in commuting delays, cancelled meetings, business shutdowns, school closings/childcare issues, and so forth. Now is as good a time as any to take precautionary measures and check out how your business communications system can help you stand up to Mother Nature.

When the weather is bad, the last thing you should do is get in your car. Instead, you have the option to work at home. If you approach it correctly, a communications system such as Avaya IP Office can help you weather the storm without missing a beat. Here’s how:

  • Set up your office phone at home: Any employee in your business can easily set up their office extension in their home, either using an IP phone or a softphone software on a laptop/PC. All you need is an internet connection to handle your calls, and all your speed dials and other short cuts will be present – callers won’t know the difference.
  • Activate a new greeting: If the weather is going to impact business performance and you want to let callers know, take the opportunity to remotely update the greeting on your business’ auto-attendant.
  • Call overflow: Do you have an additional office in another location that is not affected by the severe weather? Then use that office to handle calls for the office that is closed. With Avaya IP Office, calls can automatically be diverted to the other office or location (callers won’t even notice).
  • Conference bridge: Don’t forget that Avaya IP Office gives you two built-in, 64-party conference bridges. If you need to get everyone in your business on the line at the same time, it won’t be a problem.

Don’t let severe weather get in the way of doing business. Take advantage of the flexibility that Avaya IP Office gives you to sail (or sleigh) right though. Check out this free white paper to help guide you with implementing a well thought out telework program for your business.

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