Why Real Estate Agents Need Reliable Integrated Telecommunications

Real estate agents have a unique method of doing business. While they do spend a lot of time in the office during regular business hours, their day holds so much more. It is often crammed with meetings outside of the office, including closings, multiple properties showings, and looking at new listings. A top real estate company will have reliable small business communication systems set up to allow all of its agents the freedom to communicate with their clients and the office regardless of their location.


One of the most important points to communicating while on the go is being able to do it quickly, safely and effectively. Mobile twinning with a simultaneous ring, for example, allows the real estate agent the opportunity to use a cell phone as an extension of their office phone, with a headset if preferred. When agents are on the road, they can still take calls from buyers, sellers and lenders without missing a beat. Moreover, rather than requiring people to dial different numbers to reach them, contacts only need to know one number. The phone will ring wherever the agent is, eliminating the feeling that clients are tracking their agent down to get information.

Placing calls on the go is equally as important to receiving them. A popular option for small business communication systems is for all calls to be placed with the appearance that they originate from the office, as opposed to a home or cell phone number. This allows agents to maintain a professional appearance, even if they are working from home in their pajamas or on the road to a closing.


Many potential homebuyers pursue real estate possibilities outside of regular office hours. Oftentimes, employers are less than understanding when employees handle personal business on company time. As a result, it is important for potential buyers to be able to reach a realty office or leave a message for an agent at their own convenience. Some phone systems for small businesses allow agents to be notified when there is a new message, regardless of their location. Being able to immediately receive messages may be important for some calls, but not others. This gives the user the ability to receive all messages, weeding out the minor calls for office hours and handling the important ones immediately.


It used to be necessary for real estate agents to meet with other agents and their clients in tow to foster question and answer sessions or iron out details with regards to closings and offers. Using conferencing capabilities, this step can be taken with a simple phone call. Agents can have multiple parties on the line to make the discussions faster and easier without gathering everyone in one place. When a deal is on the brink of going through or falling apart, this is an important step.

As long as real estate agents are constantly on the go, they will need small business communication systems that can keep pace with reliable service and cutting edge technical capabilities. This can be achieved by utilizing mobile and office-based options that connect personnel, regardless of their location.

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