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I wanted to thank the BenComm team again for your support and professionalism during the bid process and subsequent installation of our new Avaya IP Office phone system. We greatly appreciated your flexibility, patience, and responsiveness as we discussed proposed configurations and related quotes, especially considering our aggressive timetable (two weeks before the start of school!). Our Project Manager and his team of technicians and trainers were accommodating, efficient, and a pleasure to work with during the installation. We were sad to see them go! BenComm has set the bar for what we hope to find in all companies with whom Calvert does business. Thank you again for a job well done and the peace of mind that comes with having a great product and reliable support in place.
Calvert School

In my line of business I am not looking for vendors or service providers as there are hundreds of them out there. I am looking for partners who have as much at stake in my success as I do. BenComm has been a great partner with our business from the very beginning… and they continue to be.
InterAction | A United Voice for Global Change

We are a medical provider who serves people in various areas of Washington D.C. It is imperative that we have a reliable telecommunication platform in place and a reliable company to handle our Telecom needs. BenComm has exceeded our expectations by providing us their expertise in technical knowledge and experience, on time delivery and installation of equipment, prompt responses to any repairs needed, and excellent customer service. The staff and technicians always display the highest concern for the customer’s needs. We appreciate the way they conduct business and applaud their consistency in serving their customers.
Unity Healthcare

We are in the final stretch of our implementation and I wanted to take a few moments to thank you and your team for their outstanding support and customer service. I also wanted to formally thank your technicians for going the extra mile. It is because of them that our transition was so smooth. I have been the POC for our system for a number of years now, and in that time I have never received the level of customer support that BenComm has delivered. Your team set the standard for excellence you guys are lucky to have them!
NCI Information Systems

We really enjoyed working with our phone tech as we ported our phone services. Not only did the technician discover some discrepancies that could have affected phone service to some staff and that put our project back a week or so, but also she handled consequent frustrations from others involved in the project with complete courtesy and professionalism. She was very flexible in meeting our needs for waiting to take the system down for the day, again handling the change in plans with good humor and understanding. It was a pleasure working with her, and I hope that if we need to have someone out again, she will be able to visit us!
Cato Institute

The design team at BenComm developed a comprehensive communication plan that consolidated all of our segregated phone systems into one centrally managed system. This system brought with it many features that were simply not available to our workforce in the past. It’s amazing how these improvements in office communications have bolstered the morale of our employees. We’ve seen it first hand, Thanks BenComm for all your help. From a technical standpoint, the system almost runs itself. But when we do need help, we have always received exceptional customer service for Bennet’s technical team.

Another highlight of doing business with Bennet is their free orientation and training events. They are particularly helpful for bringing new administrators up to speed with our phone system and familiarizing them with Bennet’s support processes.
Integrity Applications

Counselor’s Title has more than one office and we wanted to make sure the phone system vendor we selected could accomplish our communication goals. Our whole experience from the initial sale, to implementation and then follow up on the projects has been great. We have been a customer for many years and we recently moved into our new space and when the techs came back to move our system they were exceptional and very courteous. We would highly recommend BenComm to any company looking for the best communications solution.
Counselor’s Title

BenComm help desk has been just that… “helpful”! Anytime our organization has a communications problem, one call to BenComm – and in a matter minutes we are on our way to resolving the issue. BenComm is one of the best communications companies I have had the opportunity to work with.
Intelligence and National Security Alliance

The phone installation and setup was performed quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of professionalism. Everyone involved focused on getting the job done in the best possible manner. Your cabling team was almost finished revamping our networking connections when I made a comment about how the wiring might look slightly better if he had moved the cabling one ceiling tile over. The Project Manager asked me if I wanted him to move it, I replied no, that there was no need. Forty minutes later, I walked back into the room to discover that he had disconnected everything and moved it over because he too thought it would look better that way. The guys working on the rack did a wonderful job. I frequently show people how nicely organized the cabling runs are and tell them that in my eyes the rack is a “work of art”.

Attorneys and staff were both pleased by your trainer’s succinct instructional classes. I also saw her hard at work toning out the myriad of cables we have in our office space and helping with the programming setup on Monday. In all, we are pleased with the job BenComm’s personal did for our firm thus far. Thanks to you and your staff for everything. Should future need or problems arise, we hope they are taken care of just as well.
Paley, Rothman, Goldstein, Rosenberg, Eig & Cooper Chartered

Thanks very much for such a sterling performance in getting our new phone system installed. As you know, we had a few hiccups along the way with literally every other vendor we worked with, but everything went smoothly with you from your first presentation through to installation and training. You should know that your technicians were a pleasure to work with. They were professional, knowledgeable, accommodating and cheerful. Thanks again for the wonderful customer service!
The Townsend Group, Inc.

The McCready Foundation’s search for a new telephone system began several years ago when plans for the construction of a new state of the art 4 story building for our nursing home and independent living facility, Chesapeake Cove, was first conceived. There were many factors in our decision. Because we’re located in an isolated part of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we needed someone who would be able to provide us with excellent service. We wanted a vendor that had been in business for some time with excellent references and stability. The system we chose had to be flexible in its ability to grow, as well as its ability to handle the needs of all of our various departments, from trauma to surgery to the everyday needs of the independent living facility. We obviously needed a system that was also competitively priced. We considered several vendors and manufacturers in our process and at the end of the day we chose BenComm and the Avaya IP Office. While it wasn’t the least expensive, we were confident that the IP Office and BenComm would do an excellent job for us. Key in our decision was the sales person who patient and diligent in working with us through the entire process. The planning and installation team were excellent, and worked tirelessly to insure a smooth and seamless transition from our old system to the IP Office. BenComm also provided us with wireless internet access throughout the entire hospital. All in all, I would highly recommend BenComm and the Avaya IP Office to any medical facility in this constantly changing technology environment.
McCready Foundation Inc.

BenComm has been absolutely instrumental in showing us a cost-effective path to a state-of-the-art telecommunication system. That system has improved our ability to communicate internally and with our clients, and given us the ability to be more responsive and effective as a business. BenComm’s implementation of our new phone system was smooth and painless with no downtime at all. I would be glad to recommend BenComm to our clients, and in fact, I already have!
Optimal Networks

I have been fortunate to work with BenComm on three separate occasions – for both cabling and phone installation for a variety of clients. We have been very pleased with their services and would highly recommend them.

I wanted to follow up with you regarding the expansion of our call center last week and the attention we received despite the short notice. I applaud your dedication, monitoring your email to ensure appropriate coverage despite being on vacation and that of your Technician. He was absolutely phenomenal – coming in to do work when he was also on vacation and finishing the job for me late Sunday afternoon – don’t let him get away!

Thanks again. The manner in which this service was handled makes me feel good that we transferred our business to BenComm.
Block Vision

On behalf of the International Dyslexia Association, I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for quality service and customer care that BenComm and its team has provided.

The purchase of equipment and installation/training has been effortless and a very easy and seamless transition from our old equipment. Attention to your customer has been phenomenal. And I have no doubt that customer service in the future will remain consistent. I would be happy to be a customer reference for potential customers.
The International Dyslexia Association

We were looking for a new phone system and a friend of mine recommended BenComm. They stepped right in and took care of all our needs… and more. Immediately we had better call quality, advanced voice mail features and a simpler system to administer! Since our telephone system has been installed, they have provided great customer support and have continued to help tailor our system as needed. I would definitely recommend BenComm to anyone looking for a business phone system.
Big Stuff, Inc

Working with BenComm was terrific! It’s so nice to have a vendor you can count on and an account executive that actually cares about you after the sale is complete. Our account executive took the time to understand our needs and helped us choose a telephone system that will grow with us. BenComm’s technicians were knowledgeable, polite and went the extra mile to help us. The staff at Bennet did a fantastic job of educating our employees on use, maintenance and management of our new telephone system. I’m happy to report that after a year, we’ve never had a single issue! I would recommend BenComm to anyone considering a telephone system.
Signs By Tomorrow in Springfield, VA

I would like to say that BenComm’s knowledge of the Avaya platform is unparalleled. The staff is very professional and the customer satisfaction is excellent. I am already thinking of implementing a few more Avaya systems in my company’s remote locations as well as recommending the company to other IT professionals in the industry.
Design Cuisine

BenComm is one of the most knowledgeable Avaya partners in the Washington Metropolitan area. The staff is well versed in all aspects of cabling, data and telephone networking, and are extremely professional. I wouldn’t hesitate using or recommending BenComm for any of our communication needs.
Church of the Redeemer

Our company had some problems transitioning from our ancient phone system to the new one that we purchased from BenComm. They were very responsive to our issues and more than willing to help us through every step. I was always able to get in touch with someone at their office for assistance when I needed it. The staff that I worked with at BenComm was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Overall my experience with them was truly positive and I would highly recommend them to anyone with telecommunication needs!
L. R. Wechsler, Ltd.

From day one BenComm has been a great partner with us. Their customer service has been terrific… Everyone at BenComm has been very helpful including our technician who took the time to meet with me and review the new phone system as well as teach me about the phone software. Anytime I’ve had a question he responds promptly and always follows through. Thank you for all you do for us. I’d recommend BenComm again and again.
Valpak of Southeastern Maryland

We have been with BenComm for many years. BenComm has done cabling in our building as well as implementing a new Avaya IP Office at our facility. If you are looking for a company that is responsive then BenComm is for you. We had an issue that came up on a weekend and BenComm quickly responded to our needs and sent out a technician. I’ve always appreciated the fast response when we really needed it. We would highly recommend BenComm to anyone looking for exceptional service.
Potomac Valley Nursing

The Federal City Council is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the improvement of the Nation’s Capital. Serving as a catalyst for progress, the Council works to improve the city by focusing the creative and administrative talents of its members on major problems and opportunities. Typically, the Council takes on a very limited number of projects at any given time. In most instances, these projects are large and complex, and they frequently involve the private sector, the Federal Government, and the District government.

The offices of the Federal City Council also house four additional organizations/companies: The Economic Club of Washington; The Washington DC Police Foundation; The Diane & Norman Bernstein Foundation; and Bailey Capital Corporation. Although it was believed that integrating and streamlining all five organizations on to one telecommunication system, the work provided by BenComm was seamless.

Our office includes about 30 phone ports and involved five different organizations with several different main phone numbers and mailboxes. We also decided to add “direct dials” for every staff member. Additional components include a conference bridge, FaxFinder software and mobile twinning.

From inception of the project to execution, our sales manager was there every step of the way answering questions, providing suggestions and managing her team. With every “shift” of technology, every office grows a little weary of the changes that are occurring and possible troubleshooting issues. However, the preparation leading up to the installation of the new system provided us with a feeling of unruffled confidence in the team that was assigned to us from BenComm. With every step, our sales manager and her staff were there to guide us through the planning process. On installation day, the technicians, spent days at our office, tweeking the system and making sure that it was 100% accurate and what we had envisioned. On training day, the project manager provided excellent training to our staff.

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our new, digital telecommunication system. The team at BenComm was wonderful to work with and we look forward to using their services in the future.
Federal City Council

Guest Services, Inc. is a Food Service & Hospitality Management Company with locations throughout the mid-atlantic area. We have been using BenComm for all of our telephone system and wiring needs for the past 5 years. We typically use BenComm to handle any telephone related issues at any of our locations in the Washington, D.C. area.

In early 2008, we contracted with BenComm to assist us in the build out of a new 240,000 square foot distribution facility in Jessup, MD. This job included the installation of a new Avaya IP Office Telephone System, eight high-speed data switches, 175 CAT-6 data drops, 175 CAT-6 phone drops, and an overhead paging system with over 75 horns. We have worked with BenComm for several years and they had always provided excellent customer service and this recent project was no different.

BenComm played a key role in designing, developing and implementing the switchover from our old distribution facility to our new facility. Their team was responsive to our ideas and suggestions and kept us on track during the switchover. The whole team from the sales manager down to technical service were professional, provided quick response and helped our difficult switchover go off with little problem. As with any major equipment change, there were some bugs that surfaced but the team worked diligently and quickly to help us get fully operational across our wide facility. At our distribution facility, a viable, around the clock [24/7] working communication network is of the utmost importance. Because of BenComm, we know that our telephone system and local area network will always be dependable & reliable.

I highly recommend BenComm to any business that is reliant on seamless communication and reliable service.
Guest Services, Inc.

With the current economic downturn, it is imperative that our agency maintain an upscale, functional, office communication system. Our Agency must communicate effectively with the general public and service their needs. UCAP has been searching for a replacement communications system for quite some time. Finally, the agency decided that BenComm would be its choice in providing an upgrade to the agency.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank BenComm for handling the implementation of UCAP’s innovative Avaya IP Office Communication System. Since the installation was completed, the Avaya Communication System is working quite well for us. Of course during the installation, there has been a need for some tweaking to ensure our callers are served quickly and staff productivity is assured. BenComm has always responded in a professional and timely manner to address each request. Our sales representative has been a pleasure to work with through the entire sales and implementation process. She has kept in touch with UCAP to ensure that all concerns were being handled. UCAP is very pleased with the new Avaya IP Office and is looking forward to better serving its customers more efficiently. We thank Bennet Communication for helping us to provide quality customer service to the residents of Prince George’s County, MD.
United Communities Against Poverty, Inc. (UCAP)

Shugoll Research is a premier provider of Qualitative, Quantitative and Online research firm in the DC area. We operate out of a two locations in the heart of Bethesda, MD where we have our facility, our call center and our full service research firm spread across two buildings and three floors, with several part-time and full-time remote workers across the US.

Our initial need was for an easily managed telephone system that would replace our outdated, bulky and prohibitively expensive PBX, but after discussing our needs with BenComm, we were able to implement a full featured IP 500 system, complete with VPN phones and remote access. Our call center has significantly increased its efficiency, our users are able to remain connected even across multiple buildings or while traveling, and our remote users are accessible with a simple 3-digit extension while remaining hundreds of miles away. We were able to accomplish all of this while still managing to lower our telecommunications costs by nearly 40%.

From a personal perspective, as the lone IT staff for our small research firm I find my spare time in increasingly short supply, and my data and voice communications about as mission-critical as it gets, so having a strong, IT-aware communications firm to rely on for quick, accurate diagnosis and troubleshooting is an absolute must. When things go wrong, I don’t have too much time to tinker and experiment, as any service interruptions to our telecommunications translates into lost revenue. I need a firm that is quick to respond and even quicker to come up with a fix. To this end, BenComm has come through for me as more than just a vendor, but a partner to be counted on.

Their techs and staff are knowledgeable, clear in their explanations, thorough in their work, and open with their willingness to share their insight. They don’t look for band-aid fixes, but take the time to consider my overall business needs and tailor their solutions towards that goal. I find myself relying on their expertise whenever we have a communications need. Additionally their free monthly training sessions and seminars have allowed me to increase my knowledgebase and keep on top of the emerging telecoms technology, which has aided us in retaining our competitive advantage, even in trying economic conditions.
Shugoll Research