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Built from the ground up specifically for small and medium-size businesses, IP Office delivers the communications capabilities big businesses are used to-with the elegant simplicity and ease of use small businesses consider a ‘must have.’


IP Office is a single, stackable, scalable small business communications system that grows with your business easily and cost-effectively. Built from the ground up specifically for small and midsize businesses, IP Office offers technical flexibility—it uses digital, analog, IP, or any combination of these—and resiliency. Avaya IP Office unifies your communications, providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business communications on the device of their choice: their laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone— using wired, wireless or broadband connections.

IP Office includes new mobility features that help increase reachability for on-the-go employees. The system seamlessly integrates with today’s popular desktop applications to help improve a company’s collaboration tools, ultimately increasing employee productivity and enhancing customer service. IP Office is an award-winning small business communications system used by more than two million organizations worldwide. This communications solution is a proven investment: The Tolly Group finds IP Office provides up to a 24.7% lower total cost of ownership than competitor systems. IP Office can grow with you to support up to 1,000 users across 32 different sites. As your business needs evolve, add advanced unified communications or contact center capabilities. With our many partner relationships, you can also choose from over 170 innovative third-party software applications to enhance your solution deployment.

How can you cut costs by using the IP Office?

  • Lower mobile phone/long-distance bills:

    The IP Office has multiple options for better management of your company’s mobile phone and long-distance charges by routing calls through the system and over broadband links.

  • Eliminate conference calling fees through 3rd party vendors:

    IP Office makes every day conferencing affordable and practical by providing two 64-party conference bridges that are included at no additional charge. Create customized conference bridges to handle your organization’s conferencing needs.

  • Handle more calls with fewer people:

    Instead of using valuable staff resources to answer calls, take advantage of the IP Office intelligent auto attendant to help route calls quickly and accurately.

  • Expand your talent pool without increasing real estate:

    With IP Office your staff can have the flexibility to work from home or wherever they may be.

  • Centralize administration:

    For businesses that have more than one location, IP Office enables remote management and administration from a central location. There is no need to have an administrator at every site. Use one solution to serve up to 1,000 users. Manage multiple sites from a single interface and leverage simplified drag and drop system management tools. Ensure that users get the communications features they need with automated role-based applications for mobile, office, and teleworker employees.

  • Lower total cost of ownership:

    IP Office offers nearly 25% lower TCO when compared with competitive systems, according to a 2010 Tolly Group report. Energy-saving desk phones deliver up to 60% more efficiency and Avaya customers can save up to 60% of their original investment when migrating to IP Office. In addition, the solution can reduce or eliminate conference calling fees with its built-in secure conference bridge.

  • Deploy a flexible, hybrid solution:

    IP Office can operate as an all-IP solution, all-digital solution, or anything in between. It can interoperate with over two million Avaya systems worldwide while allowing you to leverage your existing network infrastructure.

  • Ensure resiliency:

    Take advantage of intelligent failover between sites, or for single location deployments, easily add a redundant server. Without the need for internal fans or hard drives, IP Office delivers a mean time between failures of 68 years.

  • Enhance collaboration and productivity:

    Extend powerful UC capabilities to mobile devices. Take advantage of built-in conference calling features for up to 128 users while leveraging advanced communications capabilities such as instant messaging, presence, video chat, text-to-speech email reading, and call recording.

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Free Features in IP Office

  • Dial from Outlook: Dial directly from your outlook contacts.
  • Voicemail to Email integration: Receive your voicemails in your email client.
  • Multiple Conference Bridges: Includes two 64-party conference bridges.
  • Multiple Auto Attendants and Hunt Groups.
  • Call Recording: Included with IP Office Preferred Edition.
  • Hot Desking: Enables employees to work at any desk or office within the organization. Great for shared offices or cubicles.
  • Visual Voice: Use your telephone’s LCD screen to manage voicemail (listen, rewind, fast forward, copy, delete, save, etc.).
  • Caller ID Name & Number.
  • Music on Hold: The IP Office system supports up to 4 sources of music on hold.
  • Forwarding, Hold, Toggle Calls, Park, DID’s, Automatic Call Back, Transfer, Distinctive & Personal Ringing, Hunt Groups, Pickup DND and hundreds more…
  • Free Call Logs.

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Contact Center Mobile Collaboration


Power User Users control office communications using an IP phone, cell phone or laptop. Users receive all their messages—voice, email, and fax—in a single inbox, and are automatically notified of important messages. Set up conference calls on the fly, and have calls ring simultaneously on both mobile and desk phones.

Mobile Worker Make any mobile phone an extension of the office phone system—complete with call handling features and speed dials. No more giving out personal reach numbers. Know that when customers call, they are dialing your business numbers, not your employees’ personal numbers.

Office Worker Designed for employees who work primarily at their desks, these communication tools help workers answer questions and convey critical information. Use a single, easy-to-use interface to manage conferencing, check the status of co-workers (see who’s on the phone, away, or on “do not disturb”), and for messaging, speed dial and IM.

Teleworker Give teleworkers—employees who work remotely full-time—the same phone and functionality they’d have in the office. Users connect their phones to the company’s phone system via a virtual private network. And because it all goes through the IP Office system, you can hire talent from anywhere and save money.

Receptionist Help receptionists manage high call volume from their PCs. Streamline call handling with easy point-and-click call controls. A list of incoming calls and call status displays on the PC screen. Integrate with commonly used database software. Monitor all office extensions. Have one receptionist provide coverage for multiple offices.

Customer Service Supervisor & Agent
Supervisor: This monitoring and reporting application lets small businesses track and measure interactions and productivity in customer sales and service. Get reports to manage your sales activities, judge the value of marketing campaigns, and see how well agents are handling customer calls.
This browser-based client gives agents information about the number of calls on hold, in progress, or lost, as well as the number of agents logged in and logged out. If no calls are waiting to be answered, an agent can spend more time with the current caller, helping to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

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