Contact Center

Deliver more effective customer contact with advanced IP-enabled business communications applications that enable you to interact, share information, and work together in real time – anytime, anywhere, from any device.

These applications allow you to connect your business to your customers; connect customer service personnel to internal customer databases; access expert resources within your enterprise; and provide status on process outcomes in other enterprise applications – increasing productivity while lowering costs.

The Call Center suite of call routing software is an Automatic Call Distribution application that maximizes routing and resource selection, allowing agents to handle calls more effectively and improving overall productivity. It offers conditional (if/then) call routing, using context-based inputs and versatile selection capabilities. Managers can choose whether inbound calls connect with the least busy agent, the first available agent, or the one with skills that best match the customer’s needs. Virtual call routing allows businesses with multiple sites to maximize resource utilization across all locations.

Businesses that understand how communications can enhance customer service and productivity will appreciate the powerful applications for agents and supervisors. Please review the information about the two contact centers might be right for your business. Don’t forget to sign up for a free demo of the system with one of our sales associates.

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Avaya IP Office Contact Center (IPOCC)

Avaya IP Office Contact Center extends Avaya innovation in contact centers to small and midsize businesses, giving them the simplicity and value they require. Optimized for use with Avaya IP Office software, the solution enables blended multichannel capabilities to enhance and expand customer communications.

With IPOCC, businesses can integrate voice, e-mail, and web chat channels, and proactively manage the entire customer interaction lifecycle. Your business can begin at its own pace with one channel such as voice, for example, and add other channels such as e-mail as your objectives evolve.

Benefits of IPOCC:

  • Delivers powerful, comprehensive Contact Center solution capabilities for new or existing IP Office customers to enable superior service, optimum agent productivity, and consistency with high performance to drive revenues for business and superior value for customers.
  • Improve customer interaction with voice, email, and web chat in a system that is fully integrated into IP Office (Fax is future release).
  • Improved training and conflict resolution – call recording and store for every agent (not reliant on preferred edition ports).
  • Faster call resolution – skills based routing routes callers to the most able agent.
  • Provided at a very attractive price point to deliver best value solution in the industry.

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Xima Chronicall for Avaya

Chronicall offers a revolutionary set of features designed to overcome the limitations of traditional call history and reporting software. With a thin-client web interface and no silly licensing restrictions, Chronicall is simple to deploy and scale. A single inexpensive site license allows you to report on ALL of your agents, groups, trunks, and extensions with absolutely no configuration of your phone system. Chronicall provides far more detailed, accurate, and granular reporting than the competition by connecting directly to your phone system and logging everything that happens on each call from the moment it starts to the second it ends.

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Cradle to Grave View shows you exactly what happens to any call on your system from the moment the call arrives at your phone switch to the instant the call ends. You can manipulate the tabular data by sorting, searching, filtering, and reordering columns. You can also copy data directly from Chronicall into Excel and other programs for further analysis. True Cradle to Grave reporting means that you have more than just a summary of each call; you have the call’s exact chronology for each and every event. With Chronicall Cradle to Grave calls can be expanded to reveal the exact details about each event during the progression of a call. With true Cradle to Grave reporting you can see all of the events including each hold, transfer, conference, queue, park and drop. Chronicall promises to revolutionize the SMB industry by providing enterprise class reporting software at a small business price. Cradle to Grave is included as part of every Chronicall installation.

Contact Centers for Aura (Communications Manager)

With Contact Center Express businesses can interact with their customers using phone, email, test, instant messaging or SMS. Avaya’s proven ACD technology processes all multimedia channels, routing requests to the appropriate agent, who can reply using the same contact method.

Contact Center Express delivers intelligent routing, built-in reporting and Microsoft CRM integration, contact management, and support for self-service applications. It is a multi-purpose customer service solution that delivers a contact center suite with rich and complete and compelling customer experiences for companies who are looking for ways to achieve the operational efficiency, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Contact Center Express provides a full featured contact center offer with applications for multi-channel, inbound, outbound contact, and integrated real-time and historical reporting. It also manages the collection, queuing, and delivery of voice and non-voice work items, such as e-mail and text or web chat sessions to an appropriately skilled agent, CCE employs powerful routing algorithms resident in Avaya Call Center Software to determine the right resource for the right contact.

Avaya Contact Center Express allows customers to make contact via voice, e-mail, fax, text or instant messaging. Regardless of whether the customer prefers speaking on a telephone, sending e-mails, texting on a smart phone, or chatting over the internet, CCE provides a universal work queue by leveraging an Avaya ACD for all supported channels

Value Driven Results:

  • Maximize the value of every call
  • Reduce costs permanently
  • Enable competitive differentiation and build lasting customer relationships
  • Optimize contact center operations
  • Optimize agent productivity and improve agent utilization
  • Improve communications
  • Increase customer loyalty and customer retention
  • Investment protection

With the growing demand for highly skilled agents and the focus on environmental concerns, home-based agents are quickly becoming the right response for businesses to obtain and retain the best agents. The home agent program helps businesses address strategic priorities focused on home – shoring, agent retention and satisfaction, business continuity planning, cost control and reduction, environmental conditions, rapid growth, and 24×7 competitively differentiated customer service.

Why implement Home Agents?

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Enhance Agent Care
  • Expand Agent Workforce
  • Embrace Accessibility Compliance
  • Reduce TCO
  • Go Green
  • Help Ensure Business Continuity

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