When key employees are out of touch, even for a few moments, important decisions get delayed. Customer needs go unmet. Sales are lost. Our mobility solutions give employees the communications capabilities needed to keep them connected and ready to do business anywhere at any time.


  • Mobile Twinning/Simultaneous Ring:

    Enables you to use an external device such as a cell phone as an extension of your office phone, enabling a “one number” approach.

  • Office Anywhere/Telecommuter Mode:

    Allows users to receive and place calls as if they were at their desk from any one of the phones they regularly use (cell, home, Internet cafe, etc.).

  • Messaging:

    Our messaging solutions enable employees to send and receive information, wherever they are located, at any time of day or night. The messaging system can be set up to automatically “find” you and let you know you have a new message. Voicemail and e-mail can be managed in one mailbox. A voice message can be attached to an e-mail for remote access on a PC.

  • Conferencing:

    Our conferencing solutions make it easy to arrange telephone conferences with internal and/or invited external participants. Participants can simply dial the telephone number reserved for the conference bridge.

  • Login Across Network:

    Enable employees to work in any office within the organization with the same features or privileges (e.g. International calls) as their primary office location. Benefit from a single phone number and a single voicemail.

  • Wireless Handsets:

    Use a wireless handset to provide your users with the freedom to move about the premises.

What are the benefits of Mobility?

  • Productivity:

    Respond to virtually any business need even when you aren’t at your desk. It makes people more productive – they can keep doing their job without having to hunt down a desk phone.

  • Customer Service:

    Salespeople can be out on a selling floor and still check messages, return important calls, and serve customers.

  • Management:

    Managers and supervisors can constantly move around – provide coaching, solve problems and offer their support.

  • Expertise:

    People with specialized skills – doctors, IT professionals, designers, engineers – need to be where the action is – and that’s not necessarily at their desks. Mobility solutions help keep the experts in the loop.

  • Security:

    Security personnel need to be canvassing the business premises – and they especially need to be in touch. They need the ability to summon help if it’s required and to report in. With mobility solutions, they’ll be able to do just that.

Remote Call Center Agents

Call Center agents that work from home are greener, happier, more productive, and less expensive.

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It’s easy to see how even one day a week of telecommuting could be good for the environment. It takes cars off the road, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Home agents – contact center employees who work from their homes – typically are full-time telecommuters. We could simply cross our fingers, multiply the benefits and accept the premise that if average telecommuters are good for the planet, home agents are even better. Instead, let’s consider some hard facts about whether home agents in particular are an environmentally responsible investment:

  • Virtual Contact Center reduces or eliminates the need for a brick-and mortar facility.
  • Home agents reduce the space requirements of the contact center.
  • Using home agents allows contact centers to tap into large pools of available job candidates.

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