Unified Communications

Unified Communications incorporates access to real time communications (voice, instant messaging, call control, video, presence, voicemail, email, fax, etc.) and extends this functionality to the user wherever they may be, on whatever device they might have.

Did you know? A high percentage of workers surveyed use more than one communication device to manage their calls, voicemail, email, instant messaging, and faxes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an “unified” method to manage these various business communications?

Unified Communications is the answer! UC solutions are integrated, multi-vendor business communications applications, systems, and services that work together in a way that is both secure and reliable. Employees are able to work seamlessly with one user interface that is independent of the method of communication. The result is a superior user experience regardless of location, network, or device.

Benefits for workers include:

  • Maintain a single stream of thought and action instead of shifting from one application to another.
  • Access to consistent set of communications functionality regardless of location, network or device.
  • Continue working even if network, device or location is affected by outage or disaster.
  • Improve work-personal life balance through user demand access rules.

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Benefits for companies:

  • Satisfying customers through worker availability and responsiveness.
  • One Number access to employees regardless of device or location.
  • Find me/follow me instead of leave message wait for callback.
  • Accelerated workflow and business processes.
  • Consistent availability of directories and telephony features like “conference,” “hold,” and “forward.”
  • One consolidated message box- no more checking mobile-mail and office-mail.
  • Use of presence allows targeted not blasted communications.
  • Reduce costs and risks.
  • Workers are reachable and productive anywhere through the corporate network increasing continuity, reducing external networks costs and improving retention by having customers call a business number for employee access.

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