Project Management

BenComm knows the importance of smoothly implementing a communications solution for your business, whether it’s the installation of a new system or an upgrade. Your communications consultant and project manager will be the driving force behind the planning, designing and implementation of your solution to ensure that the project goals are met. They will consult with the technicians prior to the installation to ensure all preliminary work is completed, and provide both admin and end-user training.

Maintenance Agreements

Having a maintenance agreement on your communications system protects you against costly downtime in the event of a service interrupting incident.

  • BenComm has a large team of local Avaya-certified technicians and three offices with two fully stocked warehouses in the Washington & Baltimore regions (more than any other business partner in the metro areas). This unique qualification allows us to respond faster to your phone system needs in the event of an emergency.
  • The majority of repair parts are stocked in our warehouse, eliminating the need to wait for the manufacturer to ship the parts. We pay for expedited shipping when needed.

Click here to view BenComm maintenance plans.

Buyback Service

BenComm’s Buyback Service Program is a wonderful option for businesses whose communication needs have changed and have outdated equipment that they would like to dispose of. Our program allows you to get your money back or have a credit towards a future purchase in exchange for your Avaya or non-Avaya equipment. It’s as simple as that.


Use the following “quick links” to obtain more information about your telephone system. If you need additional help please contact our help desk at 800.454.4482.

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